Schools in Kathmandu valley require merging



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Schools in Kathmandu valley have been growing in number. Meanwhile, the schools have been established so hapahazardly that some schools are even sharing the same surrounding wall.  Some of the instances of this scenario of the valley are the Bhanu Secondary School of Ratna Park, Padma Kanya SS and Bijaya Smaarak of Dillibazar, Sharada SS of Tilganga, Kanti Ishwori SS and Kanya SS of Yetkha, Padmodaya SS and Sahid Shukra SS of Kantipath and many other schools.

On the other hand, these schools have maximum two to three hundred students. The appointment of teachers should be 1 per 50 students. However, 40-50 teachers who teach there are getting paid from the Government Donation. Government has been providing a large sum worth 2-3 crores for the facilities and salary of the teachers in these schools.Teachers even have to return without teaching due to the lack or absence of students. While in others school the overflow of students are not getting the required number of teachers.

While the government schools of valley are occupying the large premises without enough students, other schools at the local and provincial level are constrained in the lack of space.

This situation could be improved by the necessary coalescence of the schools that have dearth of students and the other schools which have large area of land.

This way the vacant area could be provided to the local and provincial level school to operate efficiently and this would help the local level administration as well.

( Source: Kantiipur)