Include real Guardians in School Management Committee: Department of Education



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Although the District Education Offices (DEO) of Kathmandu and Lalitpur have instructed all community school to form the School Management Committee (SMC) by including only the genuine guardians, many non-guardians are found to be working as SMC members in several community schools.

The DEOs of these districts have ordered the schools to relieve the non-guardians from the SMC and replace them with genuine guardians within mid-June. However, the SMCs of Tripadma Secondary School, Patan Secondary School and Chandi Secondary School still have non-guardians as members.

Shiva Kumar Sapkota, District Education officer of Lalitpur, informed that after the DEO issued the instruction, many community schools have been planning to reform their SMC.  He hoped that all schools would abide by the instruction within June.

According to the Education Act, guardians include only Father, Mother, Grandfather and grandmother of the students.  Sapkota said if the schools do not follow the instruction and fail to reform the SMC, the DEO would stop releasing any fund in their account.

Similarly, Shankar Bahadur Gautam, DEO of Kathmandu, said they have been collecting information from the school inspectors and Resource persons about the individuals included in the SMC of all community schools. 

[Source: The Rising Nepal]