I detest Physics re-examination


Himalayan News Service

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I was disappointed to know that HSEB has decided to conduct reexamination of Physics of Grade 12 Science students. HSEB claims that the Physics question paper was leaked.

So students had easily sneaked away with the real evaluation. It says that the exam wasn’t like an exam but just like a class task of three hours.


But my point is that students have it on their nerves – they cheat as much as they can.

There’s not a single student who wouldn’t cheat if he had access to the answer (or question).

The bitter truth is that HSEB itself is the leak-hole for Board questions. It’s always been unable to protect the papers. History has it that HSEB has failed for years to block such illegal leakage of question papers.

HSEB has little idea of the disturbance caused by such insanity. I would present an example.

My friend, along with her parents, had planned to visit Malaysia after his Board exams were over.

She and her family were all excited, they had everything planned and everything sorted out, even the tickets were booked.

Now, due to this re-exam, she has no option but stay while her family can’t wait for her. She missed one lifetime opportunity.

Has HSEB anything to say about this?

There could be hundreds, if not thousands, of such cases. How would HSEB answer to all that?

The writer recently took his +2 finals from Himalayan Whitehouse College and is currently engaged in NAME Institute for medical entrance preparations.

(Source: Republica Nepal)