HSEB grants affiliations to 41 new colleges



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A day after revoking the permits of 72 higher secondary schools , Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) has granted new affiliations to around  Fourty One Higher Secondary schools for the operation of grade 11 and 12.

The executive board of the HSEB on Tuesday gave the license to 41 new +2 colleges including  Nine from the Valley. This affiliation is given for 3 years and colleges are allowed to enroll a maximum of 120 students.

On Monday, the board had scrapped the license of 72 higher secondary schools that had only been holding their licences without conducting regular classes. Among them, 40 percent (29) were from the Valley alone.

According to Chaitanya Sharma Vice-Chairman at the Board, the new affiliations were granted after evaluating the infrastructures and feasibility study. A majority of those getting the new affiliation s are private colleges . The Board, a month ago, had called applications from the schools for granting the new affiliation s.  Currently, 3,649 higher secondary schools are in operation across the country.

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