Higher secondary schools told to reimburse fees



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All Nepal National Free Students Union Revolutionary (ANNFSUR), a union affiliated to the UCPN-Maoist, Tuesday, issued a 48 hour ultimatum to higher secondary schools across the country to reimburse the amount of the fee they have charged with the students who have been awarded scholarships.

The students union had issued the ultimatum after many private higher secondary schools are found charging fees even to the students who have passed the HSEB- conducted scholarship examination.

Speaking at a press conference organized Tuesday here, the ANNISU-R stated that they would start padlocking the HSS for indefinite period from the coming Sunday if the campuses would continue charging fees going against the agreement among the HSEB, higher secondary schools’ owners and students’ unions.

The students ‘ unions and school owners last year  had agreed that they would not charge any amount from the students who have passed examination for awarding scholarships. As per the agreement HSS can charge Rs. 1000, Rs. 650 and Rs. 350 per month from the science, management and humanities stream students respectively as laboratory fees.

Apart from the laboratory fees, the schools are not allowed to charge any extra fees. But HSS have still been charging a minimum of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 30,000 in fees from these students even this year. This situation came to light following the inspection of the HSS by HSS monitoring team.

HISSSAN has agreed to provide scholarships to the five per cent of total enrolled students. According to the agreement, the schools itself could select two percent students will be selected from the examination conducted by HSEB has preferred to provide scholarships. The HSEB has preferred to provide scholarship to the students coming from the community school who are poor but intelligent. 

[Source: The Rising Nepal]