Guidelines for Affiliation with Tribhuvan University



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Researchers who are seeking an affiliation with TU are advised to correspond with Centre for International Relations (CIR), Tribhuvan University (TU), for detailed information before arriving in Nepal.
The following documents are required for processing affiliation and study visa:
1. Registration form. It is available at CIR office, TU, Kirtipur.
2. A research proposal under the following major headings:
a. Introduction/background or conceptual framework;
b. Purposes/objectives;
c. Methodology/procedure of research;
d. Schedule/timeline for the research activities; and
e. Estimated budget for the research under major headings in a separate sheet of paper. (This is applicable to non-degree, independent and post-doctoral researchers only).
3. Certificate of the highest or last degree.
4. Recommendation letter from his/her home institution certifying the acceptance of the research proposal as a requirement.
5. Certificate of financial support for the proposed research if available.
6. No objection letter from the related Embassy.
7. Passport with recent visa.
8. Bank statement of at least US$ 3000.00 deposited in his/her name in any bank of Nepal and/or extra deposit depending on a number of dependants.
Application should be submitted in 3 sets of all above mentioned documents together with 3 copies of passport size photo.
It takes about two weeks to complete the processing of affiliation if all the required documents are submitted on time. Upon approval of the research proposal the applicant pays specified amount of money towards affiliation registration fee and service charge according to the decision of TU. The bank receipt of deposited amount should be produced.
The applicant/researcher may be affiliated to any institution under the supervision of faculty member/expert at Tribhuvan University depending upon the nature of her/his research proposal. CIR provides a request letter to Ministry of Education for recommendation of study visa to Immigration Office.
An affiliate is required to:
  1.  Keep a regular contact with the assigned supervisor for consultation and reporting his/her work progress.
  2. If the research is based in the Kathmandu valley s/he should contact the supervisor regularly and submit progress report every 3 month to the supervisor, affiliated department or institute, and Centre for International Relations. If the researcher is out of the Valley, s/he should communicate with them by email, telephone or fax regarding the work progress.
  3. Give at least one presentation about his/her research findings at the affiliated institute or department.
  4. Submit a report to CIR along with the recommendation letter of a supervisor before leaving the country upon the completion of the study.
  5. Inform immediately in case the contact address is changed.
  6. Inform CIR Office, affiliated department or institute and the supervisor in case the research has to be postponed or the researcher is going to leave Nepal for some emergency reason.
  7. Affiliation can be cancelled if the affiliate does not observe the rules and regulations of TU and the Government of Nepal.
  8. The registration fee should be paid to the Current A/c No. 2453 of Centre for International Relations, TU, at Nepal Bank Limited, Kirtipur Branch. The payment will be in the Nepalese currency as per foreign exchange rate fixed by Nepal Rastra Bank for that particular day.
  9. If the researcher needs extension and/or renewal of visa, s/he should submit a letter of request with work plan, recommendation letter from the assigned supervisor, letter of approval from his/her home institute, the estimated budget and bank statement.