Growing options for students after SLC



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 Now that SLC, the great iron gate which ruled your life last year, is over , are you facing the even more burning question of how best to utilize these three months of freedom? 

The tight schedule and pressure of the SLC often leaves the students wondering about what to do while waiting for the results. Educational and academic courses for these students have been an option since a long time. 

Bridge courses in academic subjects and taking coaching classes in order to prepare for the +2 admissions are an effective way to spend the holidays. Although, bridge courses are what most students opt for, it only provides them with academic knowledge and not the satisfaction of doing something fun, liberating and different after the dreaded experience of SLC. 

So how do you decide what courses or classes are best for you? This might be the perfect time to look around and jump into fields that interest you merely to be certain if you want to pursue in the field, for the three months or in the long run. With many options to choose from, the best way to utilize this time would be to keep your interests in mind and to find something that enhances your skills as well as lets you have some fun before you get back into the grind of classes, school/college and homework.

Vedhant Jaiswal, a 15-year-old SLC student wants learn to  play the guitar in these holidays. ‘This long break from school is an opportunity for me to do something else other than studying, as that is what I’ve been doing for so long. “I also think this will be refreshing for me after the exams,” says Jaiswal. 

Fortunately, many institutions in Nepal have recently started to provide students with various courses and providing alternatives. Exciting courses like game development, art of living, personality development, movie editing, photography, and language and dance classes are now especially designed and offered to SLC appeared students. 

One  such institution is Maya Animation Academy (M2A), which provides the opportunity for the concerned students to make a foundation on movie making, animation and game design with various sub-options. The foundation course is specifically designed for these students in order to provide them with the basic knowledge required in the field of animation mentions Ramesh Man Shrestha, the admin manager of M2A. 

”Our course offers just the fresh challenge, diversion and joy that today’s students prefer after the difficult schedule of SLC. It also offers them the chance to know if they want to pursue a career in animation. Such options outside of the academic field are very important for students to understand their strengths and weaknesses in different fields,”, adds Shrestha. 

Students today feel the need to try things that are new to them, or have not been offered to them like the academic skills that they receive from school. Another 15-year-old, Monika Maharjan who has recently finished taking SLC examinations from St. Mary’s High School, wants to sign up for a bridge course that will help her for admission but along with that she also wants to join a salsa class and learn to play the drums. 

”I have always wanted to learn how to play the drums and most of my friends are joining salsa class, so it’ll be a fun way to spend the holidays [in that way]. If I had to only keep studying even after the pressure of SLC, it wouldn’t be like a holiday,” says Maharjan. 

Another varying and interesting option offered is the classes for Art of Living. Anura Shrestha, 18, took a course in the Art of Living just last year. 

Talking about her experience of the one week course, she says, ”It was a great experience as they taught us to look for small and basic things that make us happy in this materialistic world. They taught us exercises, body relaxation and also find total peace. I think if one was to follow  what they learn at these classes, today’s youth, who are aggressive and lazy can greatly benefit from it.”.’

And for those who literally wants to dance away their time, there are dance academies and centres that offer classes for modern and traditional dance forms such as  Kathak, Hiphop, Modern Jazz, Ballet dance among others as well as zumba and pilates for people interested in fitness. Students interested in starting their holidays with a new vigour and gain peace can also choose to learn yoga or pilates.

Along with that there are other options from language classes and youth development centres to learn a new language, building up your communication skills or developing your personality. These options along with being fun are an investment for the future. Mrigaja Bajracharya, who had finished her SLC in 2009 says, ”I learnt the Japanese language in my post-SLC break. Even though my parents had suggested that I join bridge courses, I went ahead and joined Japanese classes as I had an interest in the language and Japanese culture since a long time. It was a really fun experience.”

And if you prefer something adventurous, you could always go for adventure sports and touring in the beautiful forests, rivers, lakes and other tourism areas of our very own Nepal.
There is something different for every SLC student out there. Along with being academically active in the holidays, what these students can do  is plunge into different activities, learn something new and useful and just have fun so that they remember, use and cherish these memories throughout their lifetime.

A list of upcoming programs to choose from:

Dance and Fitness: The Salsa Dance Academy (Babarmahal Revisited, Babarmahal) is offering beginner’s salsa from April 15 at Bhatbhateni Studio. The academy also offers classes for other dance forms as well as fitness programs such as zumba dance and pilates. For more information visit

Animation: Maya Animation Academy provides a 1.5-2 months foundation courses on movie making, 3D animation and game design. For more information visit

Art of Living: The Art of Living Centre at New Baneshwor is offering a corporate course from April 11 to 14. They also offer other meditational courses and classes. For more information visit

Learn French: Alliance Francaise of Kathmandu (at Ganeshman Singh Path, Tripureshwor) are offering to teach French from May 3 to July 13.  For more information visit

(Source: Republica National Daily)