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The government has appointed the vice-chancellors (VCs) of seven universities, which had been vacant since long. The universities are temples of learning that could do well without political interference. Here we see a brazen political intrusion into the running of the universities. Thus, it is found that the VCs recently appointed are from three political camps that is the CPN-UML, NC and UCPN (Maoist). There was much expectations that the appointments of the VCs would be done on the basis of competence and seniority, but what we find here is that they have been made on the basis of their political affiliation. Due to political wrangling, the posts of the VCs in TU and Sanskrit, Pokhara and Purbanchal universities were lying vacant since May 30. What more it is very absurd that the Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU), Mid-Western University (MWU) and Far-Western (FWU) Kanchanpur University, which were established in 2010, do not have heads since their inception that makes a mockery of the entire educational sector of the country.

Clearly, with the time running out for the government to stay in power, the appointments are ill-timed and seem fishy. What were they doing for a long time when the universities were doing without heads, thereby, adversely affecting the academic activities of the universities. Because of the squabbling amongst the political parties to have their people as VCs, the appointments could not be made as the parties were for a quota system for the purpose. Finally, the government unilaterally appointed the VCs. This might have been done to end the deadlock, but apparently there is much dissatisfaction with the decision.

The political parties were for a larger share than what they were allocated leading to disgruntlement amongst the contending parties. It is now to see if the appointed VCs are up to the mark to perform their arduous calling, as they have come through their party affiliation. In any case, the newly appointed VCs must be dedicated to make the universities places of academic excellence. The environment should be ideal to pursue learning, also keeping in mind the interests of both the teachers and students. The teachers have many grievances along with the students which should be looked into. The VCs have been entrusted with the task of dealing with these hitches as the present environment in the universities could do with overhauling as soon as possible.What cannot be emphasized is that the VCs should not be dictated to by their party bosses. Meanwhile, in the immediate aftermath of the appointments of the VCs, the political parties are bickering about them dissatisfied with what has been allocated to them. It is high time that the education sector was given the due priority it deserves, and not made a sector where politics rules the roost, right from the appointment of the VC. Moreover, things are such that the academic calendar is not being met. There are many prerequisites that need to be addressed to enhance the quality of education in the country, to make it comparable to the world’s best. This may sound ambitious but is possible.
(Source: The Himalayantimes)