Graduation Ceremony of Jewelry Professional programme held in Nepal



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GIA (Gemological Institute of America) hosted a graduation ceremony for the students of its first Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP) diploma in Nepal.

The ceremony was held in collaboration with the Federation of Nepal Gold Silver Gem & Jewellery Associations (FNGSGJA), on June 27 in Kathmandu, Nepal and was followed by a special seminar on diamonds. The event was graced by the presence of one of Nepal’s foremost cultural experts and Chancellor of Nepal Bhasa Academy - Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi, Manoj Singhania, director of Education for GIA in India and the Middle East, along with distinguished committee members of FNGSGJA and other local associations.

The guests presented students with diplomas and shared their experiences within the industry with students. “GIA is the world leader in gem and jewellery education and we are grateful that these courses are now available in Nepal. Our local industry is growing, signifying a need for qualified talent and expertise. We look forward to collaborating with GIA on education programmes in the future,” said Ramesh Maharjan, president of FNGSGJA.

The AJP diploma programme underscores proven sales techniques that enable jewellers to communicate product quality and value confidently to their customers. Participants learn about GIA’s International Diamond Grading System™ and various jewellery types and styles.

“The gem and jewellery industry in Nepal is still growing, but we believe qualified professionals can take it to the next level,” says Nirupa Bhatt, managing director of GIA in India and the Middle East. By delivering GIA courses in Kathmandu, professionals and aspiring professionals across Nepal have easier access to world-class education in gems and jewellery. The Institute aims to bring courses such as its five-day SWIFT Jewellery Design, practical Diamond Grading Lab Class and more in the future.