Grade 11 result impending



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The delay in the result publication of grade 11 examination has caused stress for the students who are currently admitted in Grade 12. Its been six months that grade 11 examinations were held and still no signal of result has caused the students to worry.

Additionally, the result of the partial examination of the students who have cleared grade 12 will consequently get delayed. The chain of untimely result publication has aroused the danger of students being deprived of the timely admission in Bachelor’s level.

The National Examination board seems to be unheedful to this disquieting situation of the students.

According to the sources of the Board, the disorganization in the internal administration has led to the delay in the results of Grade 11. Also, since the employees are busy in the elections, this has affected the preparation of the result.

The sources state that they are indeed sensitive towards the future of the students for which they will at least publish the result of the partial examination on time so that the students do not get hindered from the admission in Bachelor’s level study.

However, they said that the result won’t be published before the elections.