Govt employees must send their children to govt schools


Republica National Daily

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Recently held convention of All Nepal National Independent Students Union (Revolutionary) (ANNISU-R) endorsed the report to prevent children of the diplomats, civil servant and government teachers from attending private schools and make them attend government institutions. The endorsed report also concluded that they could not succeed in forcing party leaders to take their children out of private school due to the intra-party conflict. 
The party leaders, civil servants, teachers and others paid by the government never give priority to the government schools and colleges instead chosing to send their children to private institutions, the report said.
All Nepal National Independent Students Union (Revolutionary) (ANNISU-R) is a Newly form Student Union of CPN Maoist. ANNISU-R also vowed to take initiation to hold discussions with the stakeholders on how to save education system from the privatization and on ways to strengthen and improve the government sector education and their infrastructure. 
The convention also decided to "ban" the all foreign universities and schools which are operating in Nepal whether they are registered or not.
"We will announce formal program after central committee meeting within a week and we will move storngly after that," informed Chhetri. 
The endorsed report says they will oppose the annual 10 percent fee hike in Tribhuvan University without the university first improving the quality of the education and physical infrastructure. 
Scrap "helmet teacher" tendencies 
ANNISU-R Convention also endorsed a proposal stop the tendencies of teachers teaching at several schools or colleges, commonly known among students as "helmet teachers". They said the government should make financial or other arrangement so that teachers can concentrate on teaching in one school.
According to the report, the "helmet teachers" have not been able provide quality education due to their over commitment. 
Scrap the foreign registered colleges, schools

Similarly, the convention endorsed report also called for scrapping of all colleges and schools which are not run accordance of the government´s rule. 
"If they are registered, we will move the students to other schools with the coordination of the Education Ministry. On the other hand, we will stop institutions that have not provied details about their education systen or records of their students to the government," said Chhetri. ANNISU-R will collect data of the colleges and schools and they will take action, he said. 

The convention also endorsed not to allow education fair by the foreign Universities. 

Govt officials, teachers must send their children to govt schools 

The convention also endorsed the report that teachers, diplomats, civil servants who are paid by government must send their children to government colleges or schools. ANNISU-R also will move strictly to implement this on the children of party leaders. 
Similarly, they will protest investment in the private schools and colleges by the civil servants.
(Source: Republica National Daily)