The government has missed to meet educational target



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Though the Government has been operating various programs and campaigns for the improvement of the educational status of the country, it is mostly unable to meet the target of the programs.

The government has failed to meet the improvement according to the flash report prepared by the Ministry of Education MOE itself.

The government has continuously failed to meet its target of student’s enrollment in various levels. According to recently prepared flash report, the MOE targeted to increase the enrollment rate to 98 percent in fiscal year 2014/15 but it was able to enroll only 96.2 percent students this year.

Earlier, in the fiscal year 2013/14 the ministry was able to enroll 96.6 percent students out of 96 percent target. Similarly, in the fiscal year 2013/14 the government targeted to enroll 98% children in the primary level but only 95.3% students got enrollment.

Not only in the primarily level, the government also failed to meet the target of the students enrollment even in the basic, secondary and higher secondary level. This year the government targeted to enroll 88 % students in basic level, 57% students in secondary level and 17% in higher secondary level. However, it was able to enroll   only 87.6% students in basic level 56.1% in secondary level and 13.2 % in higher secondary level. Similarly at a time when the government has adopted liberal class upgrading policy still many students are found repeating their classes. According to the flash report, still 1.2 % students are repeating class. I despite the government trying to decrease the repetition rate to 13 %.

In fiscal year 2013/14 17.5% students were repeating their class despite the government target to decrease it by 16% and in 2012/13 19.9% student repeat class though that year the government targeted to decrease it by three percent. Now, 53.3% student of class 5 have repeated their class though the government targeted to reduce it to 3.5%.

The government has been investing hug amount and organizing various programs for the literate Nepal campaign the government has failed to meet its target.

According to the data of the MOE, in the fiscal year 2013/14 only 65.9% population became literate though the government targeted to make 84% population literate. The population is above six years population. And in the population between 15 years to 60 years, only 57 %population became literate in last fiscal year.

Dr. Lava Deo Awasthi , joint secretary at the Ministry of Education , started that the achievement of the education sector is progressive though its failed to meet accurate  target of the education . The Ministry set target on the basis of international status of education with an expectation that the target will create pressure for stake holders for more achievements.

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