Full scholarships to students not possible: NPABSON



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National Private and Boarding Schools’ Association of Nepal has objected to an agreement reached yesterday in relation to providing full scholarship higher secondary level students.
Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) and All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union-Revolutionary (ANNISU-R) yesterday signed an agreement that full scholarship would be provided to higher secondary level students.
HSEB has a provision to provide scholarships to three per cent of total students admitted in each of the higher secondary schools. The higher secondary schools have been providing scholarships but charging laboratory, examination and registration fees. The HSEB has agreed to provide full scholarship to students from the next academic session after ANNISU-R demanded that the schools should not take fees under any heads. 
Geeta Rana, Chairperson, N-PABSAN, said the deal could be implemented only if the government bore 50 per cent of the full scholarships to be provided to students. She reiterated that the schools could only waive monthly fees, claiming that the agreement was just impractical.
She also said that the HSEB decision to ban the use of mobile phones, mini-skirts, and motorcycles (in higher secondary schools) was not possible until the government concept of making IX-XII levels as secondary school was brought into effect.
Source: Agencies