Free Competition or Reservation? Which is best for academic sector


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This week edusanjal asked, its followers in facebook page, about reservation in the academic sectors. Students gave different opinions, most of them advocating for free competition for the quality and some of them telling that reservation is good, if it is implemented correctly.

These are some of the selected opinions:It is good to have reservation (Quota System) in Academic sector or not? Why you think it should be or it should not be?

    • Kundan Regmi Its competition is the best!

    • Bikram Lama i think yes its gud we can secure quality student in gud institution avoiding risk lyk if we totaly depend on tu campuses den if we failed in cmat den other university colzes wil be already ful packed den wat to do... 1yr lost

    • Bikram Lama tyo quota ko lagi pani ta competition hun6 ni sathi

    • Bibek Pant tirbhuwan university close garau ani arko university tehi khole kaso hola....sabai rajneeti garne dal lai antai rakhau tu bahira........ani education system ramro huncha.....quota ta manag mustang tira ko mache harulai dinu parcha .....teha ko 10 jana lai padhauna paye 20 jana arko educated hunthe ki...............

    • Rohit Oli Not only in education,in all sector,every groupe should be involved in this 21st century.

    • Acharya Janardan quota system should no longer be on existance..

    • Rajan Pudasaini Quota system should b BARGIYA, not 2 the JATI JANAJATI.

    • Shiva Bk its better becoz voice of the voiceless should b heard, and its good way to find the real talent

    • Gopal Subedi its the wrong

    • Sandeep Adhikari no aarakshan system is worst bcoz if the student are really goood then they need to compitate with all no aaarakshan system

    • Rajan Pudasaini Paunele ta kaha chahidaina bhan6 ra tara hamro katha kasle sundaina. Bahun bhaekai karanle hami kina 2nd classed ctzen hunu parne!?

    • Rajan Gyawali no words to commnt. It has both +ve & -ve aspects. But -ve are overshadowed by +ve ones. It should be necessary recently for the shake of development. But after some years it should be vanished....

    • Prabase Ghimire First tell me, if it'd be judicial that a potential student (non inclusive of quota) who deserves education is devoid of it because he is displaced by the next who doesn't actually deserve bt has the opportunity created by quota system...?? Thats the fact happening in real grounds...

    • Prabase Ghimire I'd like to ask everyone,
      What kind of quality do we expect through reservations???
      Every students must have equal rights to educational opportunities irrespective of age, sex, caste, ethnicity, culture, religion.... And not that some take the opportunities because they have quota and other don't because they are non-marginalized...
      The bottom line agenda should be towards strengthening the education system so that everyone even from the marginalized and previleged group have competencies to fight for themselves rather than limiting their abilities by quota schemes...

    • Abiral Pritam Quota system sucks.

    • Prvha Niraula its totaly wrong it must be a fair competition

    • Himal Baral open competition is best in every sector....

    • Amrit Kaphle i hate the reservation system....there should be unbiasd competition...

    • Miridev Pas yo khattam ho;yastai system le garda.........GHATI ko sato PATHEGHAR KO operation garnwe doctor haru ban6an.

    • Ramu Pun Iz should be
      kinabhane pi6diyaka bargalae nirnayak taha ma puryaune yo 1 upaya ho. Jatasukai khas bahun ko halimuhali antya hunu par6.

    • Ramu Pun Quota system is not prblm. There is lots other prblms lyk rajniti, edu system, management,punctuality, exam system, qualiy education. If u can, rise the sound abt it not on quota system...

    • Saroj Koirala If have effort n knowledge as like khas bahun welcome to competition,if only Gay-Neta mind,follow kota system

    • Sunjay Karky open competition is best way to be everybody had to be smart...isn't it? And who doesn't want to be smart?????

    • Srose Panthi Should be Competent not by quota.

    • Ramu Pun Bt everywhere compitition khojne ho bhane nepal ta devlop country bhanda ta 1 satabdi pa6i 6. How to compit it with world globlization if there iznot quota fr nepal. Knowledge bhaharulae yo pani jannu aabasek than6u ma. N i m ready to compit all khas bahun n other in ma sector........

    • Aalok Yadav There is also many seats for open competition. In quota there is only few sets for remote area students, girls and boys from government school for eqality in our society. So it is good...

    • Anil Chaudhary it is not that we dont need manpower for scheduled cast and tribes but what our country need is most qualified,intelligent and competitive graduates but unfortunately on the ground of quota system comparetively most weak students are getting oppertunities meanwhile other more talented is not

      Purushottam Adhikari yo quota system turunt aile nai kharej garnu parchha vanne mero joddaar maag chha!

    • Keshav Acharya Quota kahi pani nahunu parne ho...Quota le garda yogya manche le pani awasar paudaina...

    • Tamang Dinee if it really goes to the ones deprived its better or else not

      Disclaimer: The feelings mentioned above are the feelings of individual students, not of edusanjal.