Four classes in the same room



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Bed Bidyashram School of Budhanilkantha has been facing crisis in teaching students due to lack of classrooms.

The school has not been able to reconstruct after the damage caused by the earthquake of 2072. Currently, four classes, from 4 to 7, are being run in the same room.

The caretaker of the school, Mathadhish Swami Nigamananda states that despite of the several appeals to the government for the reconstruction, they have not been heard.

The School has also asked to the Budhanilkantha Muncipality for the help in the reconstruction work which has also gone unfulfilled. According to the muncipality, the government has not released enough budget due to which they are unable to help.

According to the chief of the Muncipality, Uddhav Prasad Kharel, the National Reconstruction Authority has not provided the funds due to which they are unable release the money for the reconstruction work in the school.

(Source: RSS)