Format of Transcript to be changed: TU



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Tribhuvan University is likely to change the format of transcript that is distributed among the students who have failed in one or more than one subjects.

Students who have passed after giving back paper used to get “star” sign at the end of the marks, but now this system of using star mark is likely to be changed. Because of the difficulties that students have to face while acquiring their higher studies, this system is going to be changed.

According to the Exam Coordinator Narayan Prasad Belbase,” Students who have passed after giving back paper will receive “back paper examination date” instead of star sign in the mark sheet. This will help students to wishes to get higher studies in foreign countries, he further added.

Just because of a star sign, future of many bright students was pushed to darkness, so it was a necessary move to be made, another coordinator Baburam Dahal said.

Exam Controller Office will apply new system in the mark sheet from upcoming year.