Foreign professors go extra mile for Nepali students


Republica National Daily

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Professors of world class universities are sharing their knowledge to Nepalese students free of cost, contrary to the common practice of experts looking to cash in their expertise. 

Many foreigners who are experts in areas of medical science, in which Nepal lacks professors, are tutoring students at Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) during leave they are entitled to after having worked even during off days at their respective universities. 

According to PAHS, dozens of Professors working at world´s renowned universities are in queue to visit Nepal for teaching purpose. 

Some professors of Harvard University of US, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center of US, Oxford University of United Kingdom, University of British Columbia of Canada, The University of Newcastle, Australia, and professors in Italy and Switzerland have shown their interest to share knowledge to Nepalese students. They have already registered their name in the list to visit the college for the teaching purpose. 

The administration of PAHS says the college is already booked for volunteering till 2013. 

“Some professors of the world class universities, who come in our contact, are working during their off days to take long leave so that they can tutor students here,” Vice Chancellor of PAHS Professor Arjun Karki said adding, “That way, they do not hamper work at their respective universities and our students become beneficiaries.” 

Katie Peichel, professor of Human Biology Division at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA has been busy delivering lectures at PAHS for a month now. 

Dr. Pichel not only teaches Genetic Analysis, but also shares her knowledge to the faculty teachers. “There are some important topics which the students must know. I will be glad if my little contribution benefits Nepalese students,” Dr. Pichel said. 

She added this is the second time she came to Nepal. “I have visited some remote places also. I saw that many people are not getting minimum health facility,” she said, adding that there are many specialists in the US, and she believes her knowledge can be put to best use here, rather than back home. 

Dr Pichel revealed that her husband is happy about the contribution she is making. What´s more, he has also decided to come to Nepal to share his knowledge to Nepalese students. 

Dr Pichel, whose 42-day tutoring trip to Nepal ends in two weeks, plans to visit Nepal again for tutoring purpose. 

VC Karki said the foreign doctors not only engage in tutoring, but also provide service to patients. 

The PAHS is seeking volunteer experts to teach students Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, and Community Health. It currently has three foreign volunteers. Dr. Karki said the college is benefitting from the contribution of foreign experts. “We also encourage volunteers to make repeated visits to serve as faculty at PAHS.” Dr Karki added.

(Source: Republica Nepal)