Five-Year Strategic Plan of Tribhuvan University Coming into Effect



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Formation of Five-Year Strategic Plan 2014-2019 of Tribhuvan University (TU) has been completed and handed over to TU Authority on the behalf of the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Hira Bahadur Maharjan, Rector Prof. Gunanidhi Neupane, Registrar Prof. Dr. Chandra Mani Paudel and other members.

The Plan prepared by Strategic Planning Team coordinated by Prof. Dr. Dev Raj Adhikari with five members in the team will come into effect after the TU Senate approves it.

The strategic plan is a response to the aspirations for improving the quality education that intends to bring changes in the current planning, programming and delivering academic progress.

It aims to reform TU and review strategic plans of institutes, faculties, research centers, university campus and autonomous campuses. It also reviews the policy papers, documents, development plans, TU Act and 20-Years’ Vision of TU, etc.

The Plan has also prescribed several programs and actions in the key areas, i.e. structure and governance, leadership and management, academic program management and implementation, infrastructure and physical development, human resource management, financial resources’ mobilization, library facility improvement, monitoring, evaluation and backstopping support to TU in collaboration with other organizations.

The Strategic Plan has set decentralized governance, equity and inclusiveness, performance-based inceptives, researched-based education, quality focused pedagogy, transparency, responsiveness, accountability, collaboration, cooperation, coordination, resource generation and financial sustainability.

Moreover, it has focused on better facilities for collecting, processing and disseminating information for evidence-based information to help TU to informed policy-making.

At the core, the Plan envisions for fixed intake of the students, effective entrance, implementation of academic calendar, timely updated curriculum in practice and integration of ICT in teaching-learning process, credit transfer, etc.

It has focused laboratory facilities, workshops and research publications, institutionalization and monitoring with strict schedule for implementing the proposed programs. Program Executive Board will steer the program and provide strategic policy implementation in coordination of Deans and other concerned stakeholders. 

For constant monitoring and effective implementation of the strategic plan of action, a separate monitoring cell is formed for frequent measurement of performance and monitoring indicators.