Female Adolescent Education program in Mahottari changes lives of girls



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19th July, 2017


13 years old Sabina Khatun expresses her joy by the change in her life brought by the ' Female Adoloscent Education' program. Khatun feels that life has taken a detour from the darkness towards the light by the program that has been run by the aid of World Education and UNESCO in Mahottari. Similar feelings have been shared by 13 years old Gajala Prabina who is studying in local 'Rastriya Secondary School'.

Rajiya Khatum, 37, tells that she can easily read out the letters and carry out the simple calculations by the virtue of the 8 months' Mother's Education( Aama Sikshya) Program. While half of her life was spent in the household chores and handling kids, after the education program, she keeps special attention in sending the kids school and maintaining the hygiene of the house. She commits to abandon child marriage and also to not let others do it.

The director of the Education Ministry, Mitragan Chaulagain, while on an observational visit to the district, expressed his commitment to help in all ways to such programs as these are intended towards the adolescent females and mothers who are devoid of the basic educational access.

Meanwhile, World Education Curriculum Specialist Mohan Bhurtel stated that the sheer objective of such programs is to educate such mothers and young females. In Mahottari, the 'Female Adolescent Education' program run in the then 13 VDCs have 340 young girls directly, says, coordinator of Female Adolescent Education Program, Mahottari, Rakesh Prasad Chaudhary.

Chaudhary speculates that Mother's Education Program run simulataneously in 28 places will educate 815 women. According to Chaudhary, the program has been able to get 304 young girls to get admission from classes 2 to 6 in the near-by schools.