Exercise Book and Pencils Campaign Ghante-6, Sindhuli


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Activity Details

RUN Nepal has distributed exercise books and pencils to 258 students of primary level of a remote village called Ghante, Sindhuli. It is our fifth round distribution since we have launched. We have targeted to reach 5000 students. Till the date, we have reached 714 students of primary level.

It is our honor to Resolve International which has supported for this round. With its support, we are able to distribute 258 students of Hariharpur Secondary School, Ghante, Sindhuli. The village doesn’t have electricity, and the travelling trail is very difficult. It is located 58 kilometer far from Hetauda, a popular city of Makwanpur district. The students who are found during distribution are very poor; their torn clothes speak itself about their poverty. When the news of exercise books and pencils distribution has flashed there, the teachers said that new students are coming there for admission. This campaign has encouraged students to study. Although the cost of exercise books and pencils seem cheaper, many students are depriving with lack of excess of them.

In distribution program, the principal of the school Mr. Som Bahadur Rai was very happy to get this opportunity for distributing stationery materials to his primary level students. Mr. Rajan Shrestha had said that it was the right place for distribution, when school students really suffer with the lacking of exercise books and pencils. The school management committee chairperson Mr. Egraj Shrestha said the program has inspired students to attend school every day; and it minimized the poor family’s burden of buying stationeries for their offspring. The formal program was facilitated by Mr. Krishana Gyanwali with the message sent from the chairperson Mr. Keith Laycock.

Finally, RUN Nepal is grateful for the well-wishers, friends, staffs, volunteers, and Resolve International which has supported completely for the fifth round distribution.

Rationale of the Campaign
This campaign is targeted to those children who have been living with urban poverty. It creates an inspiration to the parents to send their children schools. It mitigates the need of exercise books’ and pencils’ buying i.e. financial burden of the parents who have very difficult situation to join their hands and mouth together. This campaign supports parents and creates enthusiasm to send their children to school as well as create an educational environment in school.
The goal of the project is to give a dozen exercise books and pencils to 5000 primary school students of government of Kathmandu valley

1. To inspire economically poor parents of 5000 children to send their children to school
2. To create a feeling of social service for cooperating needy children
3. To give one dozen exercise books and one dozen pencils to each child

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School’s Board and Exercise books and Pencils campaign’s banner

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Students receiving Copy and Pencils