Exam Tips: How to secure high marks in Examination?


Kamal Kumar

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In university level, you might have several experiences of getting low marks despite doing well in exam. Unlike other universities in Nepal, Tribhuvan University has very strict marking system. 

Especially in Bachelor level, the pass percentage is extremely low. Last time, few of my friends either failed or got less marks although they claimed that all papers had gone well, which is beyond our expectations. So I hope this article may be interesting for TU students about how to get better marks in exam.

1.       Attempt all questions

     The basic norm of examination is to attempt all questions in limited time. If you attempt all questions,   there is high probability of getting good marks or at least you will get pass mark. So don’t leave any questions unanswered.

2.       Proper allocation of time 

Normally students are given 3 hours (time differs depends on subject and level) to solve all questions hence you must complete all questions in limited timeframe. You should give first priority to those questions which you can do well, so it would give good impression to the examiner.  You should also allocate time to every question; you may spend around 30mins for long question and 20mins for short question, however sometimes situation determines how much time you need to expend.

3.       Understand the main theme of question

Most often, students face difficulties because of not understanding the query, or problem the question asked you to address.  Most of these victims are Nepali medium students (Students who have very weak foundation of English).

Since they studied in Nepali medium usually they don’t understand- what question is asking for? So in this case, students go out of track from main theme of question which jeopardizes them for getting good score.  This situation can be improved, as students can practice and refer to old question collections to understand the question so they will not be confused in exam hall.  Remember, practice is the key to success, if you practice well, you are likely to succeed.

4.       Myths about medium of writing

TU students are allowed to write in both English and Nepali medium but there is a myth, if you write in English medium then only you will get good marks.

Whether you write in English or Nepali medium, unlike, secondary and higher secondary level, examiner is looking for very high standard of writing rich with contents you are asked for. Remember that, nor the length or your answer but the depth of your understanding so does your writing determines the marks. Content is the king.
Your writing skill also helps you get secure good marks.  Hence you must sharpen your writing skills by improving your vocabulary, grammar and language.

5.     Improve Your  Handwriting

Everybody hates poor handwriting! Now you are in university level so there is no excuse for it, so your hand writing should be clear thus examiner can read your answer clearly.  Rough and unclear handwriting makes teacher confused and difficult to understand what you have written and likely to reduce your marks.

6.       Always end your answer with conclusion

Like in essay, you should conclude your answer with conclusion. Conclusion accumulates the main idea of your answer. By revising few lines at end of your answer, it would give nice impression of a good student.

 7.       Read and refer books rather than guides

There is a saying “'Wear the old coat and buy the new book”, so compulsory students should buy books by curtailing other things if they are in tight budget.  You must read and refer subject books rather than guides and notes as they are limited source of knowledge but if you read books, you will learn more. If you have through knowledge in particular material, you can express it well and get good marks.  So if you want to invest in your future, buy all text books.  It will be the beginning of your successful academic life.

 By simply implementing above points and preparation, you can increase your marks in any examination and can reduce the gap between your expected marks and marks you really secured in any examinations.

About the Author:

Kamal Kumar g want to wish all the best to all the students who are appearing for Bachelor level third year examination. 

You can contact kumar Kumar in penkamal111@gmail.com