Everything you need to know about studying in the US


Republica National Daily

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As more people opt to study outside of Nepal, there is a lot of work that goes into searching, planning and applying to institutions for higher education.

If you’re looking to study in America, you’re in luck with all the services that United Sates Education Foundation (USEF)’s Advising Center provides. 

“USEF houses Nepal’s only EducationUSA Advising Center, which is the official source of information and advice on studying in the USA. 

Supported by the US Department of State, our center provides students in Nepal with accurate, reliable, unbiased, and free information on higher educational opportunities in the United States,” says Selena Malla Siddhi, Educational Advisor, at USEF. 

To begin to use their services, the Friday Group Advising Session is the best place to start. Selena explains, “Topics include pre-requisites for studying in the USA, admission requirements, the application procedure, costs, scholarships, and standardized tests.”

“The intensive, two-hour session is interactive and very informative. Sessions are held every Friday morning and are free of cost. To attend, students must register at the library front desk starting Mondays,” she adds.

Outside of the session, students are privy to the library where “students can access comprehensive, current information on higher education in the USA.” The library, which is open from 10am - 4 pm Mondays to Fridays and 10am - 5pm on Wednesdays, has updated catalogues, directories, guides, test preparation books, application essay books and more. 

With no costs or membership requirement, those at the library also have computers with free Internet to search for colleges. 

Other computers are set apart specifically for pre-tests which are only Rs 250 each. Advance registration is required to familiarize yourself with TOEFL, SAT, GRE and GMAT. 

At the Prometric Testing Center, USEF administers computer-based tests everyday. Shanti Thapa, who works at Prometric, says, “We offer the iBT TOEFL, GRE, GED, and USMLE.” The testing center can administer exams for up to 24 individuals per day.

Should you require individual assistance, Selena informs, “A USEF adviser provides one-on-one advising, assists students with college search and application process and provides guidance specific to their case. Free of cost, these half-hour sessions are open Monday to Thursday. 

To register for individual advising, students must first attend USEF’s Friday Group Advising and start their college search using the information they obtained in Group Advising.”

After providing information on everything students need to know, the center also hosts a pre-departure orientation. For a nominal fee, Selena says, “USEF’s pre-departure orientation is a fun and informative workshop about cultural issues, academic matters, visa regulations, and adjusting to life in the USA.”

The 200-300 students who visit the Advising Center every day are a testament to the thorough information and services provided. Manjul Bhusal Sharma, 19, says, “This is the best place in Nepal for reliable and accurate information, plus it’s free!” Sharma who is planning on studying Mechanical Engineering at Trinity College has been using USEF’s services for the last eight months, “Before I used to surf the Net, but not all information was there especially for international students,” he explains as to why he prefers the center.

Sanjeeb Khanal, 19, agrees with Sharma and adds, “I went to other consultancies to compare and found that this is definitely the best place to learn about studying in the US; I didn’t realize you don’t need consultancies.” With all the services it provides, “This doesn’t ‘do’ anything but it shows the way; we learn everything we need to know and then we can do it ourselves.” 

According to the boys, if studying in the US is an option then the Advising Center is definitely the place to go to. 

To connect with USEF or for further information visit, www.usefnepal.org,www.facebook.com/usef.nepal, or call 4414-598.