Education Policies and Programmes of the Government of Nepal for the Fiscal Year 2066/067



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This is the excerpt regarding education program and policies of government of Nepal. It was taken from official document of government of Nepal Policies and Programmes of the Government of Nepal for the Fiscal Year 2066/067.  
Its nearly three years since the Government of Nepal presented these policy and took necessary steps. Now you can find out does our government really did, what it was supposed to do. 
Free and compulsory education programmes will be undertaken gradually up to secondary level. 
 National literacy campaign will be implemented with necessary amendments. 
Special emphasis will be laid on the qualitative, employment-oriented, vocational and technical education accessible to the people. Primary and informal education in mother tongue will be expanded.
School sector reform programs will be effectively implemented to make the basic education qualitative. 
The level of assistance of the State, participation and accountability of the community in the management of community schools will be increased to enhance the quality of school-level education. 
Promotion of quality education and capacity building through institutionalization of the collaboration between public and private sectors will be encouraged.
The process of establishment of Universities which have been granted approval in principle, in the past, in accordance with the concept of multi-university will be carried forward. Emphasis will be laid on the enhancement of quality education by reviewing the existing structure of Tribhuban University. 
Necessary legal, institutional and infrastructure arrangements will be made for the establishment of Poly-technic University. 
With a view to ensuring access of all citizens to technical education and vocational training, additional training units, also with participation of private sector, will be established and resources will be mobilized.