Education Ministry demands equal status to its employess



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Kathmandu, July 22

The Ministry of Education has come up with a demand that employees of its subordinate bodies should get a responsibility of the executive officer on the basis of seniority while deploying them to local levels.

Following the completion of the local-level elections in six provinces among seven in the country, the process of deputing employees including those under the Education Ministry has begun. But the education sector employees have refused to go to the local level as subordinate or junior to employees of other ministries.
Education employees constituted an alliance to exert pressure on the line ministry, seeking revisions in its decision to depute them to the local level as junior to employees of other ministries.
In response to such demand, the Ministry on July 16 sent a letter to the Ministry of General Administration seeking an amendment to a decision relating to the management of employees.
As per the Constitution, the responsibility of running education up to the secondary level has been given to the local level. According to Education Ministry Spokesperson Dr Hari Lamsal, employees of all ministries including of the education service must be treated equally while sending them to the local-level.
The Ministry of Local Development has a differing view on the matter. It is stating that employees only from the Administration group should be given the portfolio of executive officer of head at the local-level. Those from other services can be deputed as only officiating chiefs.