Education for all doomed to failure


Himalayan News Service

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Nepal’s commitment to Education for All (EA) by 2015 is highly unlikely to be successful, according to a report. With the tardy implementation process, Nepal is unlikely to achieve the goal by the stipulated deadline, said the report jointly prepared by Education Journalists’ Group and National Campaign for Education Nepal (NCEN).

It is hard to estimate how many years it takes to achieve the target if the present situation persists. Then South Asian education ministers had signed a 19-point international commitment in Dhaka in December, 2009.

The report has comprehensively analysed each of the 19 points and given details of the progress, showing that very little has been achieved.

Ministry of Education Under-secretary Hari Lamsal admitted that the commitments have not been materialised. “A checklist is a must,” said Lamsal. “Trivial tasks like institutional arrangements for forming a VDC-level Education for All forum have not been completed.”

Former education secretary, Ram Swaroop Sinha, opined that the EA be incorporated into the entire education system and be made inclusive. “It should include all who could not complete school education,” said Sinha. NCEN Chairman Dirgha Narayan Shrestha pledged to work with the government to meet the goal.

(Source: The Himalayantimes)