Dubai-funded school opens in Nepal for 160 underprivileged children



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A Dubai-funded school in Nepal this week opened its doors to more than 160 underprivileged children. Dubai Cares and Crescent Enterprises joined forces to give children access to quality primary education more than a year ago.
The fully furnished school is now completed and holding first classes in Piparkoti, western Nepal.
“Our ability to address the most critical issues facing our societies today and to lay the foundations for a sustainable future hinges on the education of our young people on a global scale,” said Badr Jafar, chief executive of Crescent Enterprises.
“Our partnership with Dubai Cares has created an opportunity to immediately address the acute lack of access to education in an area of the world that deeply needs attention.
“It has put in place a solid infrastructure that will enable young minds to look beyond the limits they have faced, and instead pursue goals that will allow them to build a better future for themselves, their communities and ultimately the world.”
Building started a year and 14 weeks ago and was overseen by 12 villagers. Local families contributed by building three classrooms. Each is equipped with desks, chairs and blackboards.
The school has also helped to employ 10 local men and 10 local women, three of whom are teachers. The school, which replaces a makeshift mud and wood structure, will hold classes for pupils aged 5 to 12, in Grades 1 to 3.
The former school was often damaged during the annual monsoon season, forcing children to travel many kilometres for study.
The new school will also hold education and literacy classes for adults.
Crescent Enterprises said half of Nepal’s population was illiterate.
“We congratulate Crescent Enterprises for this milestone that has made education available for more children and women in western Nepal,” said Tariq Al Gurg, chief executive of Dubai Cares.
“Once again I commend organisations such as Crescent Enterprises, which not only believes in the power of community support but also offers its employees a chance to contribute their time and effort by participating in building and running the contributed schools in Nepal, as well as Gaza.”
So far, Dubai Cares has linked up with a number of companies in the UAE to fund and build 20 schools in Gaza and western Nepal.