Dual registration forms in SLC exams not allowed



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The students filling their registration forms from both the private and community schools for school leaving certificate (SLC) exams in order to win scholarships in the higher education would be prevented from appearing in the SLC examinations.
The Examinations Controller Office, Sano Thimi, said that registration of such students would be scrapped automatically. 
At an interaction programme organized by Education Journalists´ Group on Thursday, Deputy Director of the Office Prahlad Aryal said the second amendment to the SLC examinations operation and management directive has ensured such a provision. 
Last year, some 2,800 students had their dual registration forms. 
Aryal said the Office was carrying out the study whether or not such practice was continued this year adding that the officials and the schools involved in the deed would also be booked.
Similarly, as per the provision ensured by the Right to Information, the students would be given subsidy in the fee charged for the answer sheets´ re-totaling process. 
On the occasion, educationist Dr Tirtha Khaniya commented that the SLC exams were made merely technical and administrative and suggested the officials to promote students´ originality through the exams.
Source: RSS