Dolpa: Delay in collection of Class 11 answersheets



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Dunai (Dolpa), July 10:

Answer sheets of class 11 examination conducted by National Examination Board have not been collected from Dolpa since last 16 days.

Examination of Class 11 were held here in two centres: Adarsha HSS, Jufal and Saraswoti HSS, Dunai. The answersheets from both the centres are shelved in the district till date.

According to District Education Office Dolpa, “Copies are shelved in the district because of the lack of transportation facility.” The answersheets for the examining purpose need to be transported to Regional Examination Board, Kohalpur.

According to District Education Officer, Ramraja Khakurel,”Preparations were made to transport the copies to Kohalpur soon after the completion of examination but the halt of only option air transportation had made it difficult to transport the answersheets. We also weighed the option to transport it by foot but it is difficult to transport by foot because of safety concerns and associated risk elements.”

Khakurel further addded, “Representative from Regional Examination Board, Kohalpur have arrived to collect the copy. The only alternative now is to transport the copies by foot as it had already been late waiting for air transportation to resume. Options are being considered on which way to use, either to transport it via Jumla or via Rukum, Jajarkot”.