Distribution of PhD Personnel in different disciplines of Science and Technology from Nepal



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Do you know how many scholars have already obtained PhD degree from your discipline? If not, you will find answer about this query in this post.

Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) have been involved to carry out the survey on Science and technology in Nepal. Recently they have updated the profile of PhD Scholars in Science & Technology sector.

The distribution of PhD personnel by discipline and ethnic groups is as follows.

Table 1: Distribution of PhD personnel of Nepal in different discipline of Science and Technology

Discipline Number of PhD personnel
Agriculture 237
Engineering 213
Botany 114
Chemistry 120
Medicine 82
Physics 70
Zoology 43
Veterinary 35
Mathematics 31
Geology 30
Forestry 19
Microbiology 19
Statistics 17
Biology 12
Environment 9
Natural Science 7
Food Technology 4
Public Health 4

PhD personnel by ethnic groups 

Ethnic group Number of PhD personnel
Madhesi 129
Janajati 358
Dalit 9
Others (Brahaman, Chhetri etc) 570