Development of the education in community schools stressed



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The experts of the education sector have stressed to the promotion of the education in the community schools. A large of portion of the investment of the Government lies in the community schools.

In a program organized on the occasion of 58th anniversary of Saraswati Mandir Secondary School of Ghalechhap, Tanahu,, the experts have shown their concerns in the development of community schools. They have emphasized on making the education in such a way that it draws the students to get admitted and learn in the community schools.

The Chief Guest of the program, educationist Shyam Raj Pandit, who was a former student of the school expressed his grattitude to be able to contribute to the school he had studied. He said “The community schools should learn from the development of better functioning of other schools and should always try to excel in the quality of education provided.”

The principal of the school informed about the donation worth 1 lakh 7 crores provided by a German organization. He also expressed the main challenge of the school now being the arrangements of the higher education for the passed out students.

The development of the community schools is the assurance of the maximum number of students going to the schools.The budget form national and international resources obtained in the education sector should be properly used by the concerned authorities for the development of education to be accessible to the poor and marginalized group.