Department of Education snail-paced, students to miss the bus


Himalayan News Service

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  Proposed colleges might fail to enroll pupils coming session

Due to delay on the part of Department of Education in recommending the names of new Plus Two colleges to Higher Secondary Education Board, it is likely that the proposed colleges will fail to enroll students for Grade XI in the upcoming academic session.

School Leaving Certificate graduates have to enroll in Grade XI to acquire education equivalent to intermediate level after Proficiency Certificate Level was phased out from the Tribhuvan University last year. However, the government’s snail-paced work may deprive the students of their right to education on time.

HSEB Affiliation Division Chief Devi Prasad Barakoti today said they had sent applications to DoE for four times pressing it to forward the names of new Plus Two colleges with recommendation, but to no avail.

“This is sheer negligence on the part of DoE officials,” said Barakoti. “Dilly-dallying as such is not only disturbing educational activities but also playing with the future of the students.”

The board has sent the names of only 23 new community Plus Two colleges out of around 384 applications, according to Barakoti.

As per the HSEB act, the DoE should recommend proposed colleges to HSEB for final approval. HSEB should give affiliation letters to the respective colleges by mid-June as the academic session for Grade XI begins from August 1. “After we receive the recommendations from DoE, we have to send monitoring teams to see if the physical infrastructure and other basic requirements in the proposed colleges are acceptable,” said Barakoti. He also stated that time was running out for field visits to inspect the colleges as the Grade XI classes will begin short after the SLC result is published by June end. “We must complete all other activities before the results are out,” added the chief. Meanwhile, DoE officials stated that the process was slow because they were scanning the status of the proposed colleges.

“A lot of Plus Two colleges have submitted applications for affiliation. We are appraising their feasibility,” said Khag Raj Baral, Director, DoE.

Currently, 3,065 Plus Two colleges affiliated with HSEB are in operation the country.

(Source: The HImalayantimes)