Department of Education to maintain student details for checking misuse of state funds



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The Department of Education (DoE) has decided to keep all student details along with their photographs to thwart the increasing trend of misusing the government funds showing fake student records at community schools across the country.

The DoE has started taking the details of students from next fiscal year with the motives to discourage such malpractices of the community schools.

Lava Dev Awasthi, Director General of the Department of Education (DoE), said that from the next fiscal year all schools must keep the personal details of students at their schools’ software which can observed by the center any time.

Although the most of the schools are not at ease with the system, the center can prevent schools drawing funds showing fake number of students, he added.

If the system is implemented soundly, the authority will be able to keep a tab on the schools on the actual numbers of students, which will be supportive of maintaining the good governance in community schools sector.

According to the department, the region districts such as Bara, Parsa, Mahottarai, Siraha, Saptari and few others are found engaged in irregularities to draw funds from the government.

Under the first phase, the department will start the task of taking data from the Central Region as the region has well set up network of Information and Communication Technology, Tek Narayan Pandey, director of the department, said.

The department is unable to launch the programme across the country at the same time owing to shortage of budget.

According to Pandey, the department has been planning to collect documents in written form if any school is unable to fill up their records online.

Meanwhile, the department has also decided to scrap the schools if they are not in operation. The department has come up with such decision after it is alleged that huge irregularities in education sector is taking place in the name of schools that are actually not in the existence but budget is being allocated for such schools of Terai districts on a regular basis from district education offices.

The department has taken such initiation after the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) started filing case against officials concerned with irregularities. However, the DoE is yet to provide accurate data of such schools.

The department is going to mobilize teams at districts from Monday onwards. According to Awasthi, representatives of CIAA will also participate in every monitoring team.

Similarly, the department has stated that it would withdraw the cases against any officials who would refund the funds to the government account.