DEO freezes accounts of four Bhojpur schools



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The District Education Office (DEO) has blocked the accounts of four schools failing complete the construction of their infrastructure being built under government grant.

The DEO had granted the funds for building infrastructures under its school infrastructure development programme. According to the DEO, bank accounts of Annapurna Higher Secondary School in Dilpa, Prayatna Primary School in Kot, Sagarmatha Higher Secondary School in Ghodetaar, and Tshyamakanya Higher Secondary School have been frozen.

The government had provided Rs 2.4 million each to the schools to build a four-roomed structure. According to officer Rewati Parajuli, the DEO had decided on the move after the schools failed to heed their requests to complete the buildings. Parajuli said the bank accounts were blocked as per the decision of the Department of Education (DoE) and that it would remain so until the schools completed the constructions.

As per the schedule, the buildings should have been constructed by the end of the previous fiscal year. But the schools have failed in doing so even a year after the deadline, Parajuli said. The DEO was compelled to take the decision after the DoE took notice of the incomplete projects of the schools.

Meanwhile, the decision has left 40 government teachers in lurch since the past four months. The teachers who have had to bear the negligence have demanded action against the school committee.

“We were in no way involved in the construction project, but have been deprived of four months salary,” complained Arjun Nepal, a teacher at Tshyamakanya Higher Secondary School.

The teachers have alleged contractors Kalyan Bahadur Basnet and Prakash Bista, management committee Chairperson Shukra Rai, and Headmaster Bam Bahadur Basnet for the discrepancies. Teacher Prem Kamdung said that the teachers had taken a unilateral decision not to resume classes until they received their due salaries.

While the teachers have demanded that they be provided their due salaries, Parajuli said that the DEO was not in a position to do anything since the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority had already moved ahead with investigating the school files.

Meanwhile, the DEO has set a completion deadline for the project, and a letter for salaries approved by DoE as before opening the accounts. However, as some schools had not even started construction, Parajuli said chances of the schools being able to meet the set conditions were bleak.