Decisions of Special assembly of Tribhuvan University regarding Free Students Union Election



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Tribhuvan University (TU) is all set to hold Free Student Union (FSU) polls soon after a special meeting held today cleared most of the hurdles that were holding up the elections, with an amendment to the FSU regulations. The meeting was chaired by Khil Raj Regmi, chairperson of the interim election council as chancellor. 

Madhav Ghimire, education minister and TU Pro-chancellor, Vice-chancellor Prof Hira Maharjan, and other TU officials and assembly members from different organisations including three major student unions had participated in the meeting today. 

Decision of the Special Assembly of Tribhuvan University

  1. Mixed electoral system for the poll while the president, secretary and treasurer of the FSU committee would be elected through First-Past-The-Post (FTPT) system.
  2. Vice president and joint secretary would also be selected through proportional representation (PR) system.
  3. 50%  members in Free Student Union would be elected through FPTP and the rest through proportional representation (PR) system.
  4. The age bar for FSU candidacy  will be 28 years which will be applicable from 2072 BS. 

Though the amendment proposal did not see a unanimous approval, chairpersons of the three big student unions welcomed the decision.Student unions have declared they will not use pamphlets, posters and paintings in their campaign.

The tenure of FSU had expired on March 20, 2011. According to FSU regulations, FSU polls should be held every year, but TU had extended the tenure twice, for six months each, but still the students could not reach a consensus on the electoral system. Finally, after a year’s homework done by TU and student unions, the electoral system and other hindrances were cleared through the special meeting of TU assembly.   

Tribhuvan University officials  have already said  that FSU election  will be held within mid-May.  The exact date of which will be announced by Tribhuvan University Executive council.