Decentralization to be accomplished within Asadh next year



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The various administrative offices of the districts, except some of the units of the Federal government will be dissolved and handed over to the local level government within the month of Asadh next year.

District Administration Office, Metopolitan Police, District Court, District Co-ordination Committee and Ttrust, Office of the Government Lawyers will be the few offices that will remain undissolved.

According to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, the Office of the Women and Children Development, Cottage and Small industries, Drinking water, Road Division office and many other offices of each district will be dissolved in the district level and will be under the local government.

According to the Secretary of the Ministry of federal Affairs and Local development, the proposal for the needed budget and infrastructure for the transfer of the offices in the local level will be presented in the Council of Ministers within a week.

After all the offices are run from the local government, common people will get all the services that they got form the district level in easy access of their local government.

The transfer of the offices to the local level was said to be carried out in the running fiscal year which could not be accomplished due to the lack of employees. However, the budget required for the administrative tasks has already been released by the government in the local level.