Current scenario of Nepal's education system and employment status


Indra Subedi

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In today’s scenario most of the youths of our country are unemployed and heading towards foreign land. Most of uneducated youths are heading towards Middle-East and Gulf countries. Every day thousand of people gathered outside the ministry of foreign affairs (former Narayanhiti palace) to get their passport. The scene is even worse in the only international airport of our country.

Most of the students who were educated are thinking to pursue their further education in developed countries like USA, Canada, Europe and Australia etc. There are huge crowd in the institutes and consultancies around Putalisadak and Baneshwor, which conduct the coaching classes of test preparations courses such as GRE, SAT, GMAT, TOEFL and IELTS. In this way majority of youths are out of our country. If you ask the questions why abroad, there is a common answer among all of the youths, “here is no opportunity for any thing, political instability, long woe hours of power outage, unemployment even for the educated people”etc.

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The main reason behind this is our political parties and politicization of each and every sector. The political parties are somehow responsible for creating this situation. The youth wings of every so called large political party are fighting for each other over petty issues in many government colleges of Tribhuvan University because they are unemployed. Instead of fighting with each other, they can spend their precious time for contributing the nation if they got any good job which match their academic qualification. There is a faint hope that, after the promulgation of new constitution all of these problems will be solved. In coming days, we may hope political stability here and this situation may not last longer.

In addition to that, our education system is not so technical or practical except some subjects such as medical or engineering. It always teaches us how to memorize long theories and how to pass in the exams only. When students finished their formal education their mind is vacant. Some theoretical expressions which are written in last exam may or may not be in their mind. The responsibility of developing the country is in the shoulder of youths. The situation of our country is engraving day by day.

Due to unemployment youth are involved in different type of unsocial activities like drug addictions and crime. Millions of youths enter per year in our job market but there is very small amount of employment in our own nations and most of them are very hard to grasp for common people. If a vacancy is announced for the job in any places there are thousands of applicants for a single post. Further, there is political biasness, nepotism, cronyism in every sector. Here is no value based on meritocracy.

As said in a proverb “It is better to teach a poor man how to catch a fish rather than to give him fish for a day.” Our government should focuses on technical educations for each and every student which teaches them practical and job oriented education rather than the core theoretical courses. The commercialization of agriculture and industrialization somehow can help to get remedy of these problems. The policy makers and politicians should be more responsible and make policy for creating better employment opportunity for youths. It is too late for the implement long term strategic plan for the creating better employment opportunity of the youth. Youths are future of any nations. They are building block of our society. If these problems are not solved as early as possible our nation goes backward for several years.


Author has passed M.Sc (Physics) from Tribhuvan University and is involved in teaching Physics to Higher Secondary Students. You can contact him at

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