Concern raised over unavailability of school textbook


Manjima Dhakal

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Concerns have been raised about the unavailability of textbooks even though  textbooks have already been dispatched in all districts. The students are unable to get the textbooks only due to the dispute between the booksellers and the school principals  in sharing  commission.
Many students completed the first month of their academic year without prescribed textbooks.
Suprabhat Bhandari, chairman of the Guardian Association said it was a shame that both the  authorities that students were not getting the books that the Janak Education Material Centre dispatched in all districts.
According to Bhandari, principal of schools were found asking high percent of commission to buy the textbooks across the country.  Textbook shortage is  more visible in places where the two parties have failed to settle the share of  the commission.
In some district,  private publishers have also found selling textbooks by crossing their boundaries in condition to make Sajha Publication bill available, Bhandari informed.
The government has give permission to private publication to sell their textbooks only in the  Eastern and Western Development Regions.
Rakesh Shrestha, under-secretary at the Department of Education, said that the Department would  investigate into the situation. "We are wondering why the students complaining that they are not getting  textbooks even they have already dispatched to local market," he said.
According to the Ministry, Darchula, Ramechaap, Bara, Parsa, Dang, Kailali Rupandehi and other districts are facing shortage of textbooks.
Meanwhile, the Council of Ministers warned of action against all those who were causing the delay in distributing textbooks to school students.
Krishna Hari Baskota, secretary at  the Council of Ministers, Friday called the officials of Education Ministry and instructed to make the books available at the earliest possible to all students.
Janak Education Materials Center has also not printed sufficient textbooks till now. It has printed only 19,500,000 copies of books against the demand of 22,000,000 copies.
Anil Jha, General Manager of the JEMC,  committed to complete the task of  printing textbooks in fifteen days.
Somlal Subedi, secretary of Education Ministry, Maha Shram Sharma, spokesperson of the Ministry and Lab Dev Awasthi, Director General of the Department of Education were also present in the meeting.
Secretary Subedi committed that he would take the initiative  for distribution of textbooks in pace.
Similarly, development partners of education have asked clarification with authorities of the Education Ministry on every year textbooks crisis.
The five days meeting conducted from Monday to Friday donors warned that it will not continue the fund if the authority will not able to improve level of education.
Source: The Rising Nepal