Code of conduct for Plus Two colleges



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A taskforce formed to monitor and investigate the Plus Two colleges in the Kathmandu Valley has recommended the government to put a full stop to publicity campaigns of private colleges except those related to education programmes and bar them from publishing jacket advertisements in newspapers.

The panel came up with a list of recommendations after monitoring 60 private higher secondary schools. The 13-member taskforce led by Narayan Prasad Koirala, joint-secretary at the Higher Secondary Education Board, and representated by guardians, journalists and other stakeholders, was formed on June 26 after an all round criticism over publicity and high tuition fees in private +2 colleges. The report will be handed over to Minister for Education Dina Nath Sharma on Sunday.

One of the recommendations includes imposing a ceiling on advertisements—Rs 500,000 maximum for those colleges operating in the Valley, Rs 300,000 in Sub-Metropolitan City, Rs 150,000 in municipalities and Rs 50,000 in the VDC level. The taskforce members has recommended scraping the licences of those colleges who frequently violate the ceiling amount.

“We agreed to fix a ceiling as some of new and old Plus Two colleges were found investing over Rs 10 million just in advertisement,” said one of taskforce members requesting anonymity. “Many colleges were found ignoring directives of the government to remove billboards.” Another recommendation has it that private higher secondary colleges will not be allowed to enroll more than 120 students in one faculty and all the colleges will have to strictly follow the tuition fee provision fixed by the fee determining committee.

The taskforce has also proposed 63-point codes of conducts to be adopted in Plus Two colleges that range from dress code to colours of student buses. “Skirts should be worn at least two inches below the knee and shirts should not be allowed to open more than one inch below the neck,” reads the report. It has also recommended the government to strictly prohibit motorcycles and mobile phones on college premises. The colleges should compulsorily establish counselling desks, the report suggests.

(Source: The Kathmandu Post)