Children compelled to sit on the ground in the class



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The students of the Lakshminarayan Adharbhut Bidhyalaya of Mahottari district are compelled to take the classes by sitting on the ground in this winter.

It has been over a week that the district has seen the lowering of the temperature. Despite of the cold, the students have to study in lack of the desk and benches.This school only being an instance of the scenario, many schools of the rural area of this district have a similar condition.

Children have to carry sacks from their home for making a seat of their own on the ground. According to the common people of the area, the neglect of the government and the financial weakness has led to such a condition of the students.

The District Educaiton Office does release the budget for the physial infrastructure but despite of that the School Committee has not been able to provide the students with mere desk and benches for study.The  number of students has been decreasing as well due to this condition.

The District Education Officer has affirmed to conduct an investigation about the matter as to where goes the money that is to be spent for the infrastructure.