Change political mindset: Education minister


Himalayan News Service

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KATHMANDU: Education minister Dina Nath Sharma, today said there was need to change the mindset of leaders in all political parties before restructuring the state to bring drastic changes in the education system.

Addressing the 18th anniversary of the University Grants Commission (UGC), Minister Sharma said that due to the traditional mindset in political parties, the country did not have a national education policy.

“Our education system is still carrying on with the legacy of the Panchayat regime,” he said adding, “Despite drastic change in the country’s political system after Jana Andolan-II, we have not been able to change the education system.”

Stating that although the country had entered the era of open economy, open politics and World Trade Organisation, he said continuing with the four-decade-old education policy and acts had not made students competent in the international market.

He emphasised a politics-free education system. “There was need of politics in the past, so we stressed politics for citizens’ rights, but this is the age of knowledge economy, therefore we should be committed to give our best to make our students and human resources qualitative and competent in the international market,” he added.

Bhola Nath Pokharel, member secretary, UGC also echoed the same idea saying the traditional education system was of no use today at a time when the world is based on knowledge economy.

Prof Dr Suresh Raj Sharma, vice chancellor, Kathmandu University said that instead of promoting studies abroad, the state should enhance the quality of education within the country.

“The government is giving ‘No Objection Letter’ to 35,000 students for studies abroad, which means the quality of education in our country is not up to the mark,” he said adding, “We should accept this fact honestly and increase the budget and draft appropriate policies to retain students and give quality education in the 21st century.”

He also stressed the need of ‘Centre of Excellence’ in health sciences, technical education and engineering sciences, for which the state needed to invest around Rs 10 billion.

“The government should be willing and determined to establish a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in the country to ensure quality and accreditation of education in Nepal.

(Source: The Himalayantimes)