Celebrating 50 years of Fulbright in Nepal


Himalayan News Service

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On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of United States Educational Foundation (USEF) in Nepal, it is organizing an art exhibition titled “Celebrating Fulbright in Nepal.”

US Ambassador to Nepal, His Excellency Scott H. DeLisi will open the exhibit on June 7 at 5:30 pm at the Siddhartha Art Gallery at Baber Mahal Revisted.

The exhibition will showcase the collection of artworks and photographs by US and Nepali Fulbright Scholarship grantees over the years.

According to the USEF brochure, “the show brings together the diverse artworks of twelve former US and Nepali Fulbright grantees whose pieces represent the richness of the educational exchange between the United States and Nepal.”

Andy Grabar, Ashmina Ranjit, Kathryn Hagy, Kevin Bubriski, Kripa Joshi, Lain Singh Bangdel, Liz Lance, Piero Passacantando, Rachel Stevens, Taylor Weidman, and William Mebane are the twelve grantees in the field of art.

The artists have used different media, photographs, installations, paintings and video in their exhibits.

The themes and subjects of the displayed works vary in time and space, accomplished during each artiste’s time with the Fulbright program.

USEF-Nepal believes that the event will be an opportunity to reflect on the philosophy underlying the Fulbright program.

It will also embody the contributions of Fulbright Scholars to enhance the friendship between the peoples and governments of the United States and Nepal.

It describes its work as an investment in the future of the relationship between the two countries through the exchange of scholars and students.

The Commission for Educational Exchange between Nepal and the United States was established in 1961.

Since then, the program annually funds 8-10 American students and professors to do research or conduct lectures at universities in Nepal and sends about an equal number of Nepali grantees to the US.

The exhibition will continue until June 21.

(The Republica Nepal)