Career as a Social Worker


Himalayan News Service

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There is a different kind of joy in doing something selflessly for others and being altruistic to those in need. In a materialistic world where people tend to get more and more attached to physical wealth, it’s not always easy to find the inner courage to do the right thing.

Social workers are those who help people professionally. Beginning at a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work (BA, BSc, BSSW, BSW) one pursuing this field can move on to Postgraduate studies in Social Work (such as MSW, MA, MSc, MRes, MPhil and even a PhD).

Although most social workers move on to post-graduate studies, it has been argued that education in the social work is a lifelong process.

In Nepal, you can obtain a Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) under Kathmandu University at St Xavier’s College, Maitighar and Kathmandu College of Management, Lalitpur among many other schools.

Tribhuvan University and Purbanchal University also offer undergraduate courses on Social Work. Apart for the educational qualifications and the degrees that legally label you a social worker, the innate ability to genuinely give has to be a strong a driving force for all social workers.

Long hours in the field with a limited budget, the long struggle for funds, and tedious hours of project management make up the life of a social worker but when a much anticipated project comes to life, accompanied by feeling of innocent satisfaction, it makes it all worthwhile.

(Source: Republica Nepal)