Burgeoning tuition centers


Himalayan News Service

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Today, tuitions centers have become like alternative schools in Nepal.There are teachers who work in schools just to get students fortuition. Their income from tuition is much more than what they earn at school. Many schools discourage their teachers from taking tuitions but then they should pay better salaries so that teachers work with dedication. Tutorial are again like schools and different teachers handle different subjects. Only, it’s after school hours or before. And then there are the home tutors who charge for extra teaching. Due to over-ambitious parents and sometimes-genuine need for extra coaching in subjects in which students are weak, tuition centers are mushrooming in every nook and corner.

It’s very sad to see tired children returning home from tuitions with bags on their shoulders late in the evening, when they ought to be playing happily. Some schools hold back the student after school for hours and force them to take tuitions. The need to score good marks, get admission into good colleges and finally to land a highly paying job are pushing children into the loop of tuitions and they are losing their precious childhood. The tuition business is becoming an unofficial industry. How it affects the credibility of schools and qualified teachers have to be evaluated. Whether there is a genuine need for a child to have tuitions is to be judged by the parents with the co-operation of the subject teacher.

Sending the child to tuition classes cannot solve the problems. Sometimes, the problem may lie with a particular teacher who is not well qualified or whose teaching style is unsuitable for his or her students. When the parents realize that the child really needs tuition, they should investigate the credential of the teacher thoroughly. The teachers should be qualified, experienced, genuinely interested in teaching and patient. He or she should have a thorough knowledge of the subject. The tutor should also be able to pinpoint the difficulties of the child and solve them properly. Parents too should keep tab on what is going on in the tuition.

Every parent should understand that they cannot demand good results just because they are shelling out money for tuitions. Only with moral support from the parents and effort on the part of the student will tuitions yield good results.

(Source: The Himlayantimes)