Budhanilkantha School graduate received $10000 Sunflower Initiative's Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship



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A Wesleyan College freshman from Nepal is the school’s first recipient of the Sunflower Initiative’s Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship.
Aastha Sharma, who graduated from Kathmandu’s Budhanilkantha School, received $10,000.
The scholarship is given to students who want to go to women’s colleges and was founded by graduates of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, now known as Randolph College.
Sharma’s grades, SAT scores and work as a math and science tutor helped her stand out among other applicants, according to a news release.
“Ms. Sharma was selected for this award from over 300 applicants based on her achievements in science and math and for her strong desire to study at a woman’s college,” Elizabeth McCrodden, chairwoman of The Sunflower Initiative’s board of directors, said in the release.