Books with embossed pictures on the cards


Kokila KC

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The Department of Education (DoE) has prepared textbooks with embossed pictures for visually impaired students. 

The textbooks used until now had only letters and numbers, so whenever they came across pictures in the text, the students were asked to consult their respective teachers for further details, said Deepak Majhi, visually-impaired section officer at the DoE.

According to Majhi, this is the first time the government has prepared embossed pictures material for visually impaired students in Nepal.

The textbooks for three subjects — Mathematics, Science and Social Studies for students from Grade VI to X — now have embossed pictures, he said adding that while the visually impaired students had no problem during their school exams when the texts were in Braille, they faced problems while describing pictorial questions to their assistants, who would write their paper during the national level exams. 

Although the organisations working for visually impaired have been using such materials in South Asia, Nepal is the first country to use such textbooks in school, he said, adding the students can now feel the map of Nepal, rivers, mountains and many other things and express their feelings in their own words.

Currently, there are 90 special schools with as many as 1,300 differently-abled students in various parts of the country. 

DoE has recently piloted textbooks with embossed pictures in 40 special schools and after receiving feedback from students, it will be using such textbooks in all special schools in Nepal from the new academic session. The textbooks are being printed at the press of Nepal Association of the Blind.

According to Majhi, DoE has already trained special school teachers and they have responded positively.

(Source: The Himalayantimes, published in 12 November)