Biomedical engg catching up with students


Himalayan News Service

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If separate degrees in medicine and engineering used to be the tradition, students who plan to pursue a career related to both can now join a course that blends the two subjects. With the advancement of technology in biomedicine, many students are choosing to graduate in Biomedical Engineering (BME) .

BME is an application of principles of engineering disciplines and techniques in the medical field. It combines designs and problem solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences to improve diagnosis, monitoring and therapy in healthcare.

“BME deals with engineering related to the medical field,” said Vishwa Prasad Shrivastava, principal of College of Biomedical Engineering and Applied Sciences (CBEAS ). “Apart from maintaining medical equipment, it also deals with manufacturing artificial organs for medical implants that help to regulate the functioning of the organs which are partially or fully damaged.”

CBEAS has been offering the bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering in affiliation with Purbanchal University since 2005. Shrivastava claims that CBEAS is the only college in Nepal which has been offering the degree.

The college offer Structural Biomaterials, Medical Image Processing, Neural Network and Telemedicine and Tele-health in its elective courses.  Drug delivery systems, medical devices and clinical engineering are among the main areas of BME.

Unavailability of biomedical engineers at healthcare centres has been delaying proper health services to the people. Shrivastava said that there would be greater scope for its manpower in the near future as the government has planned to deliver better health services in the country. According to him, it plays an important role even in tele-medicine which is a growing trend in the global market including Nepal

Jitesh Neupane, a graduate of BME from CBEAS who recently secured a full scholarship abroad, said he was attracted by its research oriented nature.

BME graduates are specialized in areas like Medical Electronics, Medical Physics, Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials and Biomechanics. The minimum starting salary for graduates is Rs 15,000 in the domestic market. Anyone with an intermediate level science background with a minimum grade of 45 percent can enrol in the course. The fee for the four-year course is Rs 540,000. Admission opens during September-October every year.