Billions of scholarships in education remains unused



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Scholarship worth billions from different resources has gone astray due to the inability of the government to manage the budgeting.

The “Girls Education Scholarship Trust” established by the Ministry of Education has been in dormant status for a long time since the Ministry has not been able to spend it appropriately.

The Department of Education has allocated a total budget of N.Rs. 2 billion 11 crores 82 lakhs in the District Education Office level and in the local level. Similarly, the Government has already sent a sum of over 1 billion to the local level for different  scholarships for the community schools.

The  Department of Education has already fixed a total of 14 types of scholarships for the academic session 074/075 which would be given to over 3 lakhs of students across the country.

The students who would get the scholarships include the ones who could not attend Grade 9 after passing Grade 8 due very poor conditions, boarding scholarship for the physically handicapped Grade 9 an 10 students, skill development scholarship for the grade 10 passed marginalized group students, victims of war students and so on.

Similarly, the Department of Education is also starting the poor-centered scholarship. It  will be focused on the poverty stricken students which would be recognized through the Financial Help Trust.

Similarly, the sources of Ministry of Education has informed about the collection of over 40 crores of budget for the trust “Girls Education Student Scholarship”.

However the distribution of the scholarship has been halted due to the repetition of the scholarship after the implementation of the Integrated Scholarship Directive.

In this way, a pool of scholarship is actually present in the form of different trusts but the appropriate expenditure is  must for the access to  the targeted group. The proper commitment of the Ministry of Education along with the collaboration of the local level is required for the budget to reach in the right places.

( Source: Naya Patrika)