BBA VS BBS: Students Opinions and Suggestions


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In Nepal, Tribhuvan University Offers BBS Program-4yrs program  and Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, Purbanchal University, Kathmandu University and also other universities offers BBA Program , which is a four years degree program.


Few days ago, we asked our facebook friends about the both of these degress. The status we posted was, "Do you love to help others? we are repetitively asked by students, BBA or BBS, Which is good to study? we want inputs from you so that students can have better insight about both courses.

These are few responses:

  1. Kapil Khatiwada:  BBA is considered better than BBS, but this time more n more peoples are admitting BBA unknowingly...So iam confident that BIM(Bachelor in Information Management) is more better,which is combination of 60% IT and 40%Management.
  2. Kapil Khatiwada:  After the completion of BIM, you are equivalent to a software engineer..
  3. ·Jayanti Mainali ‎..... go for "BBA" .......
  4. Krishna Sapkota:  All faculty is not wrong if they done good their fields.
  5. Ramesh Kharbuja:  can a +2 science student join BIM??
    1. Kapil Khatiwada ‎@ramesh- of course, u can..
  6. Vivek Subedi Ya U can join any subject
  7. Kale Moro:  Kapil bro u dunt think that studying bim makes u a software engineer. Yadi tyastai bha. Ko bhae manche le kina software engineering padthe
  8.  Kapil Khatiwada:  I think u didnt understand me..I said bim completion makes u "equivalent" to a software engineer......BCA as well.
  9. Mukunda Bhusal:  Bbs course is well designed than bba 2 work as a powerful accountants n administration.i find people working far better than bba.its due to poor regulation.none of nepalese bba course meet the international standard.
  10. Karki Shine:  Bbs is nice than bba........Bba go to hell .it make people read bbs .accountancy really nice subject....
  11. Dipen Shakya:  BBS course was good until BBA came in the scene,due 2 its sophisticated teaching style and logistics BBA has a much more demanding voice in d market even though the level of course between d 2 is almost d same,its so unfair when people of the market treat BBA students far superior than d BBS students,and that too only becoz BBA provides much more glamour and modernity added wid its higher cost of education,in my view as far as knowledge is concerned both deserves equal weightage
  12. Nirpesh Shrestha:  go for BBA...... ya but BBS is also good subject but BBA is far more better than BBS... even i suggest go to KCM(KU) BBA its in international format it cant compete with TU if u really wanna develop ur career then KCM BBA will give u more value then others do... though BBIS from KCM is also one of its standard...
  13. Nirpesh Shrestha:  hey Dipen Shakya its not about the cost or other else..... its about courses.... BBA have prsentation, theory n pratical courses but BBS got just theory so the market value of BBA is good... even though BBS had also got oppurtunity in the market ya but difference is BBA gets more priority then BBS...
  14. Nishan Kunwar:  Padnelai 2 otai thik 6, napadnelai kunai ni thik 6aina..:-)
  15. Sakteena Suprisha:  BBA is good if u study at good University it is world wide accepted n it fulfill the academic period to do Master in abroad n in case of BBS the worse problem is that TU keep on postponding exam n dont publish result in time.
  16. Sanu Ma:  If 1 really wants 2 gain management knowledge, no matter whatever da marks is, in my opinion , s/he should study BBA, coz gaining knowledge of 40 different subject, counts a lot, One of da major n most challenging task 2day in dis world is 2 work wid human beings by understanding human behavior and their psychology, so, BBA is dat which really teaches how 2 manage?
  18. Deepak Agrawal:  still im studying mbs 2nd year, im always in favour of bba or mba. The main reason behind it is bbs is not well recognized outside nepal, whereas bba doesnt need any defination anywhere in this world. However i feel that bba is lot easier than bbs. When you trun the course of study of both this study, you yourself will know. Just an ordinary student are bound to choose the bbs lack of financial condition.