At least one sports teacher to be appointed in each school



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School Sports Development Board (SSDB) has decided to appoint at least one sports teacher in one school to develop sports from the grassroots. 
Making public its decisions of the 10th board meeting during a press conference, SSDB also announced to organise the second National School Games (Junior Championships) three months later. After the National Sports Council (NSC) formed the SSDB 10 months back, it held the first edition of the School Games last year. 
The meeting also decided to run School Sports Teacher’s Training programme in different regions and districts. For this year, SSDB will be running this programme in 15 different places.
SSDB had promised to bring Sports Science as one of the subjects in the higher secondary education but after the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) failed to hold a meeting, it was unable to complete the project. The 10th board meeting of the SSDB also decided to get an approval from the HSEB to include Sports Science in curriculum.
Other decisions taken by the board included materialising the concept of establishing at least one sports school and forming school-level national teams combining of the best players picked up from the second National School Games. 
SSDB will initiate in providing the teams with training and international exposure through NSC and scholarships from HISSAN, PABSON, N-PABSON and community based schools
Source; THT