Asim Ghimire of Jhapa: Highest Scorer of SLC-2069 Batch



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Asim Ghimire of Jhapa become highest scorer of SLC-2069 Batch. Asis is from Jhapa and studied in Little flowers Aawasiya english higher secondary school.
His symbol number is 0044365i and he has secured 751 marks (i.e. 93.87%). His marks in individual subjects is as follows:
  1. English: 97
  2. Nepali: 85
  3. Mathematics: 99
  4. Science: 98
  5. Social studies: 82
  6. Health, Population Studies: 93
  7. Optional Mathematics: 97
  8. Computer Science: 100

Asim is now in kathmandu and is preparing for the bridge course. Like the earlier topper of SLC Batch, he also showed interest to study Science and to choose either Engineering or Medical Sciences course.
Both parent of Asis are teachers in Schools and his sister is reading in class Ten. His parent described him as a honest, diligent and assiduous person.

They also told that to study Medical sciences or Engineering is the choice of their sons and they wont interfer or give pressure to their children while the selection of subject of interest to pursue higher education.
edusanjal family congratulates asis for outstanding result and wish success in his future endeavour.